This past weekend Tlayudona travelled to San Andrés Huayapam to learn about all things tejate-related.  The team/family at Luz de Luna did an amazing job showing us their hometown, their family business, and all of the laborious preparations that go into making this traditional Oaxacan drink.  We took a brief tour of the village and learned the history of Huayapam’s legendary pozo (well), and stopped by a 100+ year old “flor de cacao” tree to learn some more about how each of tejate’s ingredients are elaborated in the shade of its waxy leaves.

It was an honor to see 47 years of tejate experience at work in the hands of the Doña, and while we each got our own hands into the mix in an attempt to duplicate the process, not all of our efforts were fruitful.  Only 2 of the 6 participants were able to produce the seemingly-magical froth that sets tejate apart from other cacao-based drinks typical of the region. (6 out of 6 seemed to enjoy the experience regardless.)

Our refreshing day in the country air culminated in ample tejate-drinking and some handmade memelitas, and was topped off by a mezcal-tasting. We’re looking forward to future collaborations with Luz de Luna, and there are rumors of a mole and a nicuatole experience.

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