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Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

There are two ways to participate in an experience with Tlayudona.

The first is to check our ongoing monthly calendar and sign up for an event we have listed.  This requires a 50% non-refundable deposit, which you can pay here on our site using Paypal and any debit/credit card, or a trip to our Oaxaca de Juárez location (at #100 Hidalgo St in the Jalatlaco neighborhood) where you can put your deposit down in cash.  Tlayudona features an array of interesting ongoing events in our space and in various Oaxaca locations with different collaborating hosts.  You are welcome to pay in full when you sign up online, or to pay the deposit and later the remainder of the cost at our event.  These scheduled courses are often the most affordable option because the hosts’ costs are split amongst various participants.

The second is to contact us directly to arrange your personalized experience.  You can email us at tlayudona@gmail.com, use our contact format to the left, or stop by our storefront location (at #100 Hidalgo St in the Jalatlaco neighborhood).  These experiences are more flexible and can be catered to your specific needs and schedule (taking into consideration the needs and schedule of our hosts as well, of course).  Transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle can be added to the cost, as well as a personal translator.  We recommend arranging your personalized experience when you have a more extensive interest in a certain topic or experience, or when you have a group of two or more, as our hosts are experts in their fields and can delve into the depths of their areas beyond what would be provided in a more introductory experience.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and to arranging your ideal experience.


The short answer is yes.

To participate in any of the ongoing scheduled events on Tlayudona’s calendar, all you need to do is click on the event and sign up.  This reservation requires a full payment via Paypal or a debit/credit card.  You can also pay for the event in cash in our Oaxaca de Juárez location (at #100 Hidalgo St in the Jalatlaco neighborhood).

In order to plan your personalized experience, you need to contact us (via email, the contact form, or in person in our storefront location (at #100 Hidalgo St in the Jalatlaco neighborhood) so that we can check host availability for your specific experience and adjust the specifications of the experience to best meet your needs and interests.  Once those details are arranged, your experience will require a 50% deposit via Paypal or a debit/credit card, or you can pay your deposit in cash in our storefront location (at #100 Hidalgo St in the Jalatlaco neighborhood).  You will also be required to pay 50% of any additional charges that you add to your experience, such as personal transportation or a personal translator. You will have the option to pay in full in advance, or to pay the deposit and to liquidate the remainder of your bill at the time of the experience.*

*All 50% deposits are non-refundable. Fully-paid reservations cancelled 48 hours prior to the event will be partially refunded (50%). If for whatever reason we do not meet an event’s minimum amount of participants or a host needs to cancel an event due to an unforeseen emergency, we will fully refund your payment via the method in which it was delivered (Paypal or cash). We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Children are welcome to participate in many of our experiences.  Our ongoing scheduled experiences will include suggested age ranges, but you are always welcome to contact us if you feel that your child in a different age range might benefit from the experience. Children who participate in these experiences are under the responsibility of an accompanying adult.

When hosts initially collaborate with Tlayudona, they are asked to specify if they feel comfortable working with children, and if they have experience doing so.  This information is listed on their profile pages.  If you contact us to organize your personalized experience, make sure to tell us the ages of your children and a little bit about their needs, so that we can best match you with a suitable host who will provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for your entire family.  Some of our hosts have extensive experience working with small children or are particularly geared toward specific age groups.

Children age three and above require a reservation in all of our scheduled calendar events, because we will dedicate the same time, space, and materials to them as any other participant.  If you are planning your personalized experience and have a child or children, we will work with you to keep the cost reasonable and affordable depending on the materials your child/ren will use during that particular activity.

The ongoing scheduled events on our monthly calendar are often the most affordable, because hosts are able to divide their fees and material costs amongst various participants. We add new events each month, so be sure to keep checking the offers on our calendar and Facebook page.

We are currently seeking grant opportunities to be able to subsidize the costs of certain experiences and offer them at a reduced rate or at no cost to local guests, and these events will also be listed on our monthly calendar and Facebook page.

When you plan your personalized experience with us, we will be able to offer the best rates if you gather a group of two or more guests, because certain costs can be distributed accordingly (transportation, translation, etc).

We do our best to make our experiences accessible to anyone who is interested in participating.  Please contact us and let us know about any special needs, allergies, or dietary restrictions you have so that we can work with you to ensure your comfort and safety.  We enforce a strict policy of non-discrimination with our collaborating hosts and guests, which we feel is essential to trans-cultural learning experiences.

Keep in mind that Oaxaca is a colonial city with varying levels of infrastructure, so wheelchair accessibility is often limited.  That being said, if there’s anything that we can do at Tlayudona to meet your needs and make your experience more comfortable, we are here to be of service, and together we can devise creative solutions!

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