Tlayudona at “Expo Café y Gourmet” in Guadalajara

/Tlayudona at “Expo Café y Gourmet” in Guadalajara

Tlayudona at “Expo Café y Gourmet” in Guadalajara

Tlayudona at the Expo Café

This past week Tlayudona had the pleasure of being able to participate in Guadalajara’s Expo Café y Gourmet together with Cafébre and Rito Chocolate.  It was a learning experience for us regarding the complex and exciting intersection between coffee, chocolate, fair and sustainable business practices, and socio-cultural experiences.

What’s new?

We poured our hearts and souls into our stand, as well as our interaction with customers, and it showed.  We often had repeat customers and were able to develop new and meaningful business relationships within our fields. There is definitely a burgeoning niche market of people interested in getting to the heart of the matter of the coffee and chocolate industries, and who are wanting and willing to do things right.  I felt extremely lucky to be able to get in on the action with Tlayudona, and to have opened the door to bring some of those folks to Oaxaca to see what we´re all about.

The expo inspired us to kick into high gear back home in Oaxaca. Here at Tlayudona we are working toward launching our own brand so that we can disseminate some of the amazing products that our host collaborators produce in Oaxaca–including but not limited to delicious chocolate and coffee–as well as our own projects. It is such a great feeling to know that we are building community with other woman-owned businesses in Oaxaca in ways that pay homage to Oaxaca’s culture and stimulate the local economy.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Check out the PDF of our Expo Café flier here for more about some of our coffee-related experiences in Spanish.


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