Make tortillas and salsa from scratch!

/Make tortillas and salsa from scratch!

Make tortillas and salsa from scratch!

We hope to see you on October 14th for this new experience with our old friend, doña Juana and our new friend, Nomad Cook.  This will be the first time we delve into the heart of the matter- the “nixtamalización” process, or the initial stages of preparing the “masa” from which corn tortillas are made.  On site in Yatareni, we´ll be preparing our tortillas next to the same field where doña Juana´s family grows and harvests their milpa (multi-crop planting of corn, beans, and squash) each year. There´s no way to possibly get closer to the origen of what you´re eating!

Juana is known for making delicious homemade salsas to boot, so we´ll be rounding out our flavor palate with fresh local chiles and tomatoes. This course is a foodie´s dream, although anyone who appreciates true local slow food is welcome. Check out the promotional video that Nomad Cook created for this experience here.

These small opportunities to contribute to local people and communities by visibilizing ancestral traditions are the reasons why we created Tlayudona.  In this specific instance, the tortilla is the lifeblood of Oaxacan cuisine, and the women who make them are its soul. Sunday, October 14th, we´ll celebrate both! Hope to see you there!

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