Visit the Village of Zautla: Art, Culture, and “Curados de Mezcal”

/Visit the Village of Zautla: Art, Culture, and “Curados de Mezcal”
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Have you been to the village of San Andrés Zautla?

Tlayudona will be heading out there to embark on a guided visit to the workshop of one of the village´s most notable graphic artists, Emmanuel López López,who works with mixed media and serigraphy to produce pieces that speak to the importance of traditions particular to the region.

You can check out his work in the above link, or in some of the photos of his most recent line of artisan bags below.


Emmanuel will take us to a lovely breakfast at his aunt´s Flor Campestre restaurant, where we can choose between a range of traditional “almuerzos” ( Oaxacan brunch-type foods). It is a rural gem with pieces of local culture/artefacts placed throughout the outdoor space.


Then Emmanuel will conduct an introductory engraving/printing workshop where you will be able to create our own design, which you will then be able to print to take home.  We´ll get a tour of his graphics studio as well as an affiliated serigraphy workshop space adjacent to artisan bread-makers.

Each project that we´ll see in Zautla contributes something special to the community, and relates to an overall theme of valuing, reflecting on, and living rural traditions without falsely-romanticizing them or removing them from today´s context.



Experience Includes:

  • A typical breakfast/brunch in the gorgeous country “Flor Campestre” restaurant
  • The opportunity to taste “Curados de Mezcal” (Natural Fruit and Mezcal concoctions made in Zautla)
  • Tour of Emmanuel´s graphics studio and serigraphy workshop
  • The opportunity to buy unique art at a wholesale price directly from Emmanuel´s curated collection, which also includes works of other talented local artists (Optional)
  • An introductory workshop in engraving/printmaking
  • Your prints (a trial version as well as a final version printed on Italian cotton paper) as well as your engraving to take home
  • An exploration of the village of Zautla, including a screen-printing studio and local bread-making shop that maintains traditional practices to bake sweet and savory bread.
  • Round trip transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle (Oaxaca Centro/Zautla)

Language: Spanish, translated into English if/when necessary

Time frame: 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cost: 1,350 MXN per person, including food, workshop, tour, transportation


Bring: Comfortable shoes, hat/sunscreen, water, and extra cash for optional art purchases.

Children 10+ are welcome to participate in this calendar experience. If you have smaller children who would be interested, we would recommend that you schedule this experience privately, as it will change the nature of the instruction and the dynamic of the course. Engraving tools are not recommended for small children, as they’re sharp and require a certain level of dexterity.

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