Tejate: The Pre-hispanic Energy Drink

/Tejate: The Pre-hispanic Energy Drink
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Have you seen this frothy beverage being served around the markets and streets of Oaxaca out of giant green-glazed ceramic bowls?

Do you know the history behind this pre-hispanic drink?

Tejate is a corn and cacao-based drink traditional to the state of Oaxaca.  It originates back from the pre-hispanic era and was initially used during ceremonies.  It continues to be popular in Mixtec and Zapotec villages, especially around the area of San Andrés Huayapam, although it´s also well-known by people in and around other areas of Oaxaca.

Doña Julia

Join us this weeek to make tejate with Doña Julia, who was born and raised in Yatareni and has been making this delicious beverage alongside her mother since she can remember. Doña Julia works to transform locally-grown corn into a myriad of delicacies, from fresh tostadas to nicuatole and tejate.



Doña Julia is the lovely matriarch of several generations in Yatareni, and she has been filling bellies with delicious corn-based food for many decades now. Each day she prepares fresh tostadas, nicuatole, and other scrumptious things for sale in the city center.




Time frame: 3-4 hours

Schedule: 10 a.m. – 1 (to) 2 p.m. approximately


  • Hands-on instruction on how to make tejate, including the roasting and grinding of each ingredient
  • All ingredients
  • A delicious brunch prepared by Doña Julia, of fresh memelitas or empanadas made on the comal and topped/stuffed with either mushrooms or squash flower blossoms
  • All of the tejate you can handle


Transportation. Purchase transportation for up to 4 people from/to Tlayudona for 400 MXN (shared cost). Transportation will leave from Tlayudona at 9:30 a.m., with prior reservation. If you choose to arrange your own transportation, we will send you the exact location for this experience upon receiving confirmation of your purchase.

Language: Spanish (English translation is included if/when necessary).


Are welcome to attend. Children under 5 can participate for free. Children ages 5 and up receive a 50% discount.

Cost: 900 MXN per person

450 MXN for children ages 5-16

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