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Women in Mezcal:

Talk and Tasting in Tlayudona with Sósima Aguilar of Fanekantsini Cooperative

Sósima, demonstrating how to plant germinated seeds.

Tlayudona is pleased to present to you this awesome opportunity to try 3 mezcal varieties distilled by women.

Sósima, talking about her personal journey with mezcal, and how it culminated into Fanekantsini.

Sósima, a 4th generation distiller, is going to talk to us about her journey through various facets of the mezcal industry as a woman. While the tradition of distilling agave is generally considered to be a “masculine” industry, women have historically been an instrumental part of the distillation process, and often end up doing more than half of the work.

That being said, men are still at the forefront of the mezcal industry while women are bustling around in the background making sure the processes are complete. Sósima has fought her way through those stereotypes, trials, and tribulations to be the first in four generations to transition from distillation and selling in informal economies to branding and distribution of a certified product.

She is the president of Fanekantsini, a local cooperative consisting of 2 palenques and several families in two regions, and to produce a brand of mezcal that is quickly gaining fame in international circuits for its adherence to artisan processes, its superior quality and notable flavor profiles.

Sósima explaining the distillation process to the Tlayudona crew…

So come to Tlayudona to celebrate the amazing work of local women in Oaxaca in one of its hardest industries, as well as to learn more about how we can help make this industry a more inviting place for women.  And of course, try some of the most sensorially-delightful mezcals that you can find.


Where: Tlayudona 100 Hidalgo, Barrio Jalatlaco

When: 4 p.m- 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $450MXN


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