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Dye Your Own Fabric Using Indigo


Come & dye a beautiful versatile fabric piece in the alluring & illustrious indigo. It can act as your newest statement scarf or a delicate wall hanging. Our workshop space will be at the renowned restaurant, Caldo de Piedra. We will begin the class with an introduction of the famous dye plant Indigofera tincoria, or more commonly known as Indigo. Together, we will learn about the mystery and chemistry of this plant by creating a dye vat together! With the information given in this course, you will be able to open and sustain your very own indigo vats at home and begin your own indigo dyeing arts practice!
After we prepare the vat, Claire will lead you through the basics of Japanese Shibori techniques to add beautiful patterns to your silk pieces. The final step is to dye our silks in the indigo vat and open them to see our beautiful, unique patterns! Once the dying is completed, class is over. You can have a delicious meal in our workshop space while waiting for your fabric to dry, or you can leave with your silk and continue your Oaxaca adventure! Everything you need will be provided including the fabric, tools, and of course, the indigo. Just bring yourself & your creativity! (Lunch at the Caldo de Piedra Restaurant not included.)



Caldo de Piedra Restaurant. Carretera internacional Cristobal Colón. Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oax.

It is an internationally-recognized must-see for locals and tourists alike and is the only restaurant of its kind that celebrates the cuisine of the Chinanteco community. Because the restaurant isn’t located in the centro where most tourist attractions and well-known restaurants are, tourists get a chance to visit a new part of the city and taste this 2,000 year old recipe.

What to bring:

Clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty
Notepad and pen for taking notes
Cash (pesos) if you plan to stay for food at the awesome stone-soup restaurant

When: 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Cost: 950 MXN

Language: English

*Children ages 10 and up are welcome to join this experience


Not included. You can arrange for your own transporation via taxi, bus, or colectivo.


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