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Congratulations to Iliana and Gabriel on their upcoming October wedding in Oaxaca!

Tlayudona is happy to partner with them to make this experience a memorable one. We are offering the following two experiences to all of you who are part of Iliana and Gabriel’s wedding party and hope that you will join us. You are welcome to sign up for them using the links below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’ll see you in October! Feel free to explore the rest of our site to learn more about our project.


1. Mezcal Talk and Tasting with Sósima Olivera from Fanekantsini Mezcal Cooperative

Whether you´re already a connoisseur or if this is your first introduction to mezcal, this talk and tasting will be informative for you. Sósima and her cooperative have gained international recognition recently for their work in the industry, and for the quality of their products. Fanekantsini Cooperative works hard to maintain their processes and products within the context of sustainability and an overall corresponding worldview.  A result of this introspection, hard work, time, energy, and love for agave is their fantastic array of local wild agave mezcals that Sósima will present.

You´ll hear a bit about the distillation process, the effects of the burgeoning industry, and Sósima´s experience as a woman in what´s traditionally a male-dominated industry. Then you´ll be able to taste three distinct mezcals made from different types of wild agaves and utilizing two different distillation methods: copper and traditional clay pot distillation.

Foto: Ciro Rodríguez Pérez

Experience Includes:

  • Presentation by Sósima from Fanekantsini Mezcal Cooperative
  • Translation from Spanish to English
  • Tasting of 3 wild mezcal varieties
  • The opportunity to purchase mezcal directly from the cooperative


Date: Friday, October 25th

Time frame: 2:30: 4:30

Location: The Private Bodega de Fanekantsini, # 304 Pino Suarez Street, Oaxaca Centro (within walking distance from the hotel Azul)

Cost: 500 MXN per person

Maximum Capacity: 15 participants (reservation required)


2. Alebrije Painting Workshop

Since the conception of Tlayudona, we have collaborated with the Velasco Sosa Family from the local village of Tilcajete to offer interactive alebrije-painting experiences. This experience touches upon the cultural significance of this amazing artform that you´ll surely see around Oaxaca. These brightly-colored wooden animals and fantastic creatures are traditionally decorated with patterns of Aztec and Mayan symbols, although recent generations are constantly innovating the craft and coming up with new creative designs.

Cris, her brother Alex, and their mom Benita will give your group a brief presentation about the in-depth process that comes before the painting, and then they´ll help you each design your own alebrije to take home. They´ll give you some insight into the significance behind the colors and patterns that you choose, and you´ll end up with the perfect souvenir from your trip to Oaxaca!

Have no fear. This experience is enjoyable for artists and novices alike, and our family of hosts has seemingly-endless patience with beginners!

Experience Includes:

  • Your own 3-5 inch hand-carved alebrije (There will be various models to
    choose from.)
  •  Your choice of 6-8 acrylic colors
  • Brushes, palettes, aprons, and other necessary art supplies lent by Tlayudona
    in order to decorate your alebrije
  • A visual and spoken overview of the history of alebrijes in Oaxaca and group
    instruction regarding painting techniques
  • Spanish to English translation
  • One-on-one help with your detailing technique
  • The opportunity to purchase art and alebrijes made directly by the Velasco
    Sosa family


Date: Friday, October 25th

Time frame: 5:30-7:30

Location: Hotel Azul

Cost: 730 MXN

Maximum Capacity: 50 participants (reservation required)


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