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Tlayudona and Women’s Radical Pursuits

We have an exciting upcoming collaboration in the works with Women’s Radical Pursuits (WRP), a fellow woman-owned small business that hosts inclusive mountain bike, hiking, and yoga tours in Oaxaca and around the world.  WRP focuses on connection, empowerment, and healthy life-changes, using daily mindfulness practices and yoga as well as outdoor adventures to reach those goals.

Their trips are designed for women to engage in a fun, positive, and non-competitive environment that helps them experience new surroundings and be their best selves.  They range from day trip to inclusive week-long adventures that incorporate exercise, mindfulness, cultural components, and of course delicious Oaxacan food into attractive itineraries.  You can read more about them or sign-up for them here.

Here at Tlayudona we are in the process of designing some integrative half-day and full-day experiences together with Women’s Radical Pursuits, which will honor the focus of each of these business projects on creating safe-spaces for intercultural exchanges and learning opportunities that highlight the beautifully-complex roles of women in Oaxaca and around the world.

We all agree on the transformative role that travel can play in women’s quests for personal growth, and that cross-cultural exchanges amongst women can be instrumental in building bridges, strengthening our inner selves and sparking change.  Our experiences will range from mindfulness practices and inner-explorations to full on adventures and outward explorations of neighboring villages and trails. 

While they will definitely include elements of international cultures and practices, they will also be specific to the context of Oaxaca and its prominent local flavors, colors and customs. 

Our goal is to foster learning and growth, have lots of fun, contribute to the local economy and especially local women, and create new networks and community.  Stay tuned for specific itineraries in our experiences archives, or connect with us to plan your personalized experience with Tlayudona and Women’s Radical Pursuits as early as February 2018!


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