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Why should you experience Oaxaca with Tlayudona?

Our work is guided by a unique set of principles focused on respect, community, and open-mindedness that will make your journey a memorable one.

Tlayudona focuses on a simple tourism equation that comes down to hosts and guests and aims to open the doors of authentic Oaxacan experiences to travelers and neighbors without exploiting local sites or people. We understand that our employees, hosts, collaborators, and guests all have something to bring to the table and we value each of those contributions accordingly. Tlayudona aims to highlight ancestral knowledge in a way that ensures hosts’ autonomy and control over the experiences they choose to offer, and maintains a strong focus on the inclusion of women and other marginalized sectors of the local population.

We are an inclusive business organization and do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, ability, nationality or any other factors, and are especially proud to emphasize women’s voices, stories, and contributions. At Tlayudona, we cater to the conscious traveler or neighbor who yearns for authentic new experiences, learning opportunities, and the chance to give back to the people and communities that have graciously opened their doors to host us for a memorable cultural exchange.

This is what we offer at Tlayudona, which is why we have so many satisfied guests and collaborating hosts:

  • Hosts get complete autonomy over the experiences they offer. They dictate the market rather than let the market control them.  They get to determine what information they would like to share and which secrets they would like to keep for themselves.  They have complete control over their schedules, the experiences they offer, and the prices they charge.

  • Our innovative business model at Tlayudona recognizes the multiplicity of talents cultivated by today´s generations. Do you remember the days when resumes were only supposed to be geared toward a single career trajectory?  We do, and we choose to ignore that advice. (One of our hosts is an expert in renewable energy AND alebrije-painting.  Another is a fine-art AND mezcal connoisseur, and yet another is a sociologist AND coffee-enthusiast!)  Economic turns in recent years have forced people to become creative with their skill-sets.  Here at Tlayudona, the more experiences they can offer, the better.

  • We encourage the participation of women in our project. Women´s contributions are central to the historic and modern-day development of Oaxaca in every way, and yet they are often invisibilized.  We encourage women to participate in this project as hosts and guests.  We value women´s work in every realm and recognize that women are half of every aspect of our Oaxacan community and deserve recognition accordingly.

  • We make our experiences accessible. We strive to provide a fair wage to our hosts and to offer the highest quality experiences at affordable prices.  We are also actively seeking grant opportunities to be able to offer experiences to neighborhood communities free of charge.

  • We stimulate the local economy. In many touristic enterprises in “developing nations”, the majority of the cash being earned is funnelled back into “first world” countries.  On the contrary, ALL of the money earned by Tlayudona stays in Oaxaca, with the vast majority going directly to our partnering Oaxacan hosts.

  • We value the complexity of ancestral knowledge.  There is an amazing wealth of cultural experiences to be shared in Oaxaca, but they are not uni-dimensional.  Many tourism projects encourage locals to emphasize a near-theatrical preservation of “traditional” ways.  Tlayudona recognizes that in today’s complex world of global influences, even the most remote communities in Oaxaca are part of a global scheme and that things aren’t the way they were 1,000 or even 50 years ago. Our hosts are just being themselves, which means they exemplify the beautifully-complicated intersection between “tradition” and “modernity”, local and global, and historic and futuristic that makes Oaxaca so remarkable.

  • We aspire to build community. One of the most defining aspects of Oaxacan life is the emphasis on community and collectivity.  When we work together in horizontal relationships that allow all members of a community to bring their unique contributions to the table, amazing things can happen.  We believe that cross-cultural learning and understanding can build bridges, dispel stereotypes, and forge constructive new alliances based on love and respect.


Our hosts are the heart and soul of Tlayudona. They have designed experiences to reflect what they love to do, and their passion and joy shines through their work accordingly.


Independent Coffee Quality Laboratory

Manuela knows everything there is to know about specialty coffee in the context of Oaxaca, and she founded the Guelaguetza Coffee Laboratory to aid local producers in improving the quality of their harvests.


Alebrijes, Renewable Energy

Alex divides his time between his family’s legacy of alebrije carving and decoration in Tilcajete, and his pursuits in the sustainable energy field.


Cupping, Roasting, and All-Things-Coffee

Kate is a California native who has been in Oaxaca since 2008 and in the local specialty coffee scene since 2012.  She’s the owner of Cafébre, an adamant roaster, cupper, and coffee-drinker.


Milpa, Oaxacan Cuisine

Juana is the pilar of her family of six in a nearby rural village where the cultivation of their milpa (traditional corn/beans/squash planting) is the basis of their sustenance.


Chocolate, Graphic Design, Illustration

Flor is one of several generations of chocolatiers in her family, and also pursues art, illustration, and graphic design for many prominent local businesses.

Luz de Luna:

Traditional Family Restaurant in Huayapam

Luz de Luna is a peaceful and artsy family restaurant in Huayapam, nestled in a secluded village street about 25 minutes from Oaxaca’s city center, where local and global influences intersect in their delicious meals.


Translation, Sociology, Bi-cultural Living

A San Francisco transplant and resident of Oaxaca since 2010, Jennifer is well-versed in sociology, intersectionality, and some (of the many) feminisms, but she’s most fluent in Spanglish.


Performance, Theatre, Kids

Catron’s patience with children, critical eye, and background in theatre and performance makes her the perfect host for family-friendly experiences in Oaxaca.


Coffee, Business Management

Saraí’s background is in business management and marketing, but she excels at whatever she gets her hands into, as is the case with her most recent foray into the world of Oaxacan specialty coffee.


Mountain Biking, Hiking, Yoga, Women´s Retreats

Amy recently moved to Oaxaca to pursue her dream of accompanying women on inspirational adventures with her company “Women’s Radical Pursuits”, where mountain biking, hiking, yoga, exploration and self-discovery go hand in hand.


Recycling & Upcycling Art

Joca is a sociologist with a special interest in ecological construction and sustainability, which ties into her passion for upcycling and artistic interventions of otherwise-unusable items.


Architecture, Archaeology, Architectural History

Flor has a MA in architecture and restoration, but that’s not what makes her qualified to host experiences.  It’s the light in her eye and the spring in her step when she shares some of the many architectural secrets held in the walls of local historical buildings.


Tlayudona works to be part of a larger community in Oaxaca.  Here are some of the like-minded businesses and organizations we partner with in order to fulfil our mission.


We are constantly developing new relationships with collaborating hosts and organizing new experiences to offer you.

Contact us directly to see what new projects we have in the works, or to organize a more inclusive experience for your university, small group or family.  We promise quality, authenticity, and responsible business practices.

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