What does the word “tlayudona” mean?

In Oaxaca it´s used to refer to a large, thick-framed person (in this case female) who boasts a lot of physical strength. The expression alludes to the giant tortilla called a tlayuda–because they´re resistant and durable.  Even though it might not seem like it, it´s a compliment.

¿Qué significa: Estás bien tlayudón/a?

“Aunque no lo parezca, esto es un halago. Lo usamos para referirnos una persona grande, maciza… de gran fortaleza física, pues. La expresión hace alusión a la tortilla gigante a la que llamamos tlayuda, por resistente y aguantadora.”

-(de “11 frases que sólo los oaxaqueños entendemos”)

Tlayudona began as a labor of love when its founder was inspired to merge her sociology background and passion for social justice with her desire to foster intercultural learning experiences in Oaxaca and her drive to make tourism make…sense. The result? …a woman-owned small business in Oaxaca, Mexico, intent on revolutionizing the power dynamics in touristic exchanges based on principles of social equity, the visibilization of women and their work, and a profound appreciation for local knowledge and cultures.

We encourage you to escape the routine of all things familiar in order to embrace one or many of the other worlds nestled within this world we call Oaxaca. We get that tourism isn ́t  the way it used to be, and that each one of us has a unique story to tell. We invite you to come listen to Oaxaca´s multiplicity of voices, and to add your thread to the fabric we’re weaving here together. Check out Tlayudona’s upcoming tours and events, or contact us to plan your personalized experience today!



“I was lucky enough to attend a coffee tasting/workshop with Tlayudona, and it was amazing! We went to a little coffee laboratory in Atzompa, Oaxaca called Guelaguetza Coffee Laboratorio de Catacion, and there we had a wonderful morning of tasting different coffees from around Oaxaca as well as learning about how it is produced. It was very intimate setting, just 6 of us, and Jennifer did a flawless job of translating and explaining the details of what our master-taster Maunela was explaining. I would highly recommend getting involved with anything Tlayudona is up to!”

Brant M.

“My wife and I attended the Alebrije-painting workshop with Tlayudona and Alejandro Sosa. Now, I am painting (I guess pun intended) this review through my eyes only, but to me, it was perfection. From the very beginning, Tlayudona and Alejandro were very welcoming, unpretentious, and all smiles. Tlayudona was very accommodating to my limited Espanol by translating Alejandro´s presentation on the history and importance of Alebrijes to the region in real time, which was super cool.  Alejandro was very forgiving of my lack of art skills and made gentle suggestions to ensure my turtle was in fact the best turtle ever in the history of anything artistic…or at least in my eye it was, and still is. I cannot recommend this particular workshop enough. It was fun, very informative, and a great date night with my wife! Additionally, I look forward to future offerings by Tlayudona, it is more than apparent that they are a different type of turismo company and have made it their mission to partner clients with authenticity. Salud!

Tra H.

“I went to the alebrije workshop and it was fun! Alejandro was great, I learnt some interesting things and had a really enjoyable few hours. There were lots of designs and colours to choose from and Alejandro also had some beautiful examples of his work. Definitely recommended!”

Rebecca B.

“From our first meeting in her office to saying goodbye after a wonderful outing, Jennifer was knowledgeable, service-oriented toward us and the host family, and delightful to be with.  Her “Make your own Tamales” outing was well-organized yet relaxing in its pace.  The host family was welcoming, outgoing, and willing to answer lots of questions about their lives to help us gain more understanding of their situation in life and that of their community.  Learning how to make tamales was fun and useful; I definitely plan to make them and teach family and friends as well.  Having that kind of personal contact with ordinary (in a good meaning) people adds a special emotional richness to our trip to Mexico which we will remember long after museum visit memories have faded.”

Judy C.

“It’s like tourism, only nerdier.”

Satisfied life-learner and Tlayudona guest.


We take pride in offering quality experiences and forging lasting relationships.  Check out our blog and get a feel for the type of work we do at Tlayudona.

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